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Entry #25

Not Like You Cared

2014-01-10 15:06:04 by Headcrabman99

But I'm back to Newgrounds, although this time with a brain.  I'll try to make some flashes, but I guarantee you if I do make some they wont be good.  To kick off my much... not anticipated return... I'm going to be uploading some art.


If you guessed it was Madness, you'd be correct.  Fear not, it's not a shittily drawn flash picture, actually drew it out- pen and paper... or rather pencil and paper.  I predict that in MC 11, Tricky will take over the Auditor's "body," and the art is what happens when Tricky would "upgrade" one of the l33t units.  (The ones with the black auras)

Link is here, I think I did good, but go nuts.


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